Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.


Advantages of IMV's ECO-Technology

Perfect documentation, accurate error diagnosis, avoidance of downtime - just a few advantages of IMV's ECO-technology f…

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Akustische Effekte der von IMV patentierten Soft-Clipping-Methode für Rauschprüf…

clipping vibration controller normal distribution cover picture

Die als „Clipping“ bezeichnete Technik wird von fast jedem Schwingungsregler der Welt für fast jede durchgeführte Rausch…

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Lower costs thanks to automatic configurations

predicitive maintenance title picture

Direct and indirect costs for maintenance work in German industryMaintenance, servicing, and configuration are importa…

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マクニカ×IMV 共同オンラインセミナーを開催します



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UN38.3 Transport Tests für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien

transport test lithium batterien

Ohne modernste Batterien würde unsere Welt, wie wir sie aktuell kennen, nicht funktionieren. Allein Smartphones wären oh…

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Flexibility saves time and money - The IMV ECO-Shaker



The subject of multi-tasking is set to play an even greater role in the future. In industry, the trend is heading toward…

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Reduce Energy Consumption With IMV Eco Technology


Want to reduce your energy consumption? It’s simple with IMV’s patented ECO technology. Automatic and variable fiel…

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Transport simulations using vibration tests: The M130LS


transportsimulationen mit virbationsprüfung imv shaker m130ls

In the current situation, online retail is becoming increasingly important. One aspect of this is often overlooked: pack…

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Transportsimulationen mittels Vibrationsprüfungen: Der M130LS

transportsimulationen mit virbationsprüfung imv shaker m130ls

Gerade in der aktuellen Situation wird der Online-Handel immer wichtiger. Ein oft unterschätzter Bestandteil dabei: die …

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IMV America: COVID-19 Message


IMV hopes that you, your families and loved ones are safe and healthy during the unprecedented COVID-19 situation. We ar…

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