Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.


Short-term delivery and flexible financing


Special conditions for special timesThe global economy has faced enormous changes and challenges, not only since the C…

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Besondere Konditionen für besondere Zeiten

finanzierungsmodelle shaker imv

Nicht erst seit der Corona Krise steht die weltweite Wirtschaft vor enormen Veränderungen und Herausforderungen. E-Comme…

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Online-Seminar: Introduction to ED Shaker testing with Martin Engelke

online seminar webinar ed vibration shaker

Join this 45 min. free webinar about considerations before buying your first shaker. Thursday, 23 Jul 2020, 3:0…

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SiC-FET Generations

IMV-Smart amplifiers use next-generation SiC-FET technology.See the full post and join the conversation here.…

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7/22 マクニカ×IMV 共同オンラインセミナー第2弾を開催します


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Quick Update from the IMV America Office


IMV shakers keep working away nonstop, despite the challenges we're all facing right now.IMV America is still open and…

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「えんとつ町のプペル MOMO5号機」打ち上げ/ The launch of observation rocket "Pupel MOMO No.5 of En…


6月14日(日)弊社がスポンサー支援を行っておりますインターステラテクノロジズ株式会社の観測ロケット「えんとつ町のプペル M…

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Normal vs. ECO- (silent) Mode


See (and hear) the difference between normal function and silent ECO-mode. This is IMV-Smart!See the original post a…

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The Resonant Frequencies of Toys


Finding the resonant frequency of everyday objects with Sine vibration.See the whole post and join the conversation …

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Audible-Effects of IMV patented Soft-Clipping-Method

clipping vibration controller normal distribution cover picture

The technique called “Clipping” is applied by almost every vibration controller in the world for almost every Random vib…

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