Quality & Ecology

IMV is accredited to ISO9001 (The International Standard for Quality Assurance System) for the Osaka factory, ISO14001 (The International Standard for Environmental Management Systems) for the Osaka site facilities, The Osaka site is mainly engaged in developing , designing and manufacturing vibration test system.

Global standard for quality control
Accreditation to ISO9001

IMV implemented the most stringent quality control, resulting in accreditation to ISO9001 (The International Standard for Quality Assurance System) at the Osaka factory.
IMV has a firm commitment to provide customers with the best services and products of the highest quality.

Standard accreditation for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Accreditation to ISO 14001

IMV always manages their business activities in harmony with the global environment. IMV pursues environmental conservation activities.

Standard accreditation for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

IMV has been registered by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) regarding export controls as a company in good standing and compliant with Japanese export regulations for electrodynamic vibration simulation systems and related products.

Quality policy

IMV offers market competitive products and services.

Environmental policy

All IMV Management and Employees, are aware of their corporate social responsibility and are fully aware of contributing to the protection of the global environment, pursuing practices for a better environment in every workplace.

  • 1. All IMV Management and Employees commit to targeted goal-setting and implement sustainable reform of the environmental management policies.
  • 2. IMV endeavors to achieve energy saving and commit to design, develop and manufacture environmentally- friendly products and services.
  • 3. IMV complies with the environment-related rules and regulations, implementing complete environmental management and prevention of environmental pollution.
  • 4. IMV assures that this quality control is carried out thoroughly and the results are publicly declared.

Energy saving type vibration simulation system [ECO-Shaker]

Dynamic Simulation Systems consume a lot of electricity. IMV has developed environmentally friendly products which minimise the required electric power and cut down electric consumption and CO2 emissions. Due to the great contribution to the promotion of efficient use of energy, the technology of ECO-Shaker received the Chairman’s award from The Machinery Federation in 2012.