Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.

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Complete data collection – The basis for Industry 4.0

data collection for industry 4.0

Complete data collection and evaluation form the basis for Industry 4.0, where processes can be controlled more efficien…

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Energy consumption as a key issue in our time: The electrodynamic vibration test…

energy consumption imv eco shaker

With the A series, IMV offers a vibration test system with even lower energy consumption. Thanks to the automatic energy…

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IMV will install a water cooled large vibration test system with a force rating …


IMV will install a water cooled large vibration test system with a force rating of 350 kN for Sine and Random and 900 kN…

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EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement


Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) entered into force on 1st February 2019.An EPA is a treaty to promote …

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IMV distributors on tour through Prague in heritage tram



Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the old town are a ’must‘ on the itinerary of any visitor to the Czech capital city. T…

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IMV focuses on efficient sales network: THP Systems Ltd as successful partner



IMV is expanding its sales network to meet the rising demand for modern, environmentally friendly vibration testing syst…

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IMV Vibration Training in Portugal with Alava Ingenieros


The participants stand in front of a heap of colourful Lego blocks. Working in teams, they are to build a large cube-sha…

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Marco Sfregola has been part of the IMV UK team since May


IMV are growing and also strengthening their personnel basis. Marco Sfregola, an Italian, joined the IMV team in the UK …

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Labo De Nayer relies on ECO technology from IMV


More and more test labs rely on the modern ECO technology from IMV. For example Laboratoria De Nayer from Antwerpen, Bel…

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Replacement amplifier with ECO technology needs less power



Electrodynamic shakers are energy-hungry. IMV constantly worked towards reducing that hunger and keeping consumption lev…

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