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Any and all residents in member countries of the European Economic Area including the member countries of European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway shall be requested to be notified and be acquainted with the following matters:

・Your personal data contained in your business card given to us shall be used only for introducing our merchandise and services.

・ Your personal data shall be transferred to Japan and stored on the server located in Japan and exclusively owned and operated by our Group. Although Japan has not yet received a decision on Satisfactory Data Protection from European Commission, our Group shall properly protect and manage your personal data in compliance with the rules and regulations concerning data protection of European Commission.

・ Any and all holders of personal data stored on the server in our Group shall be entitled to ask our Group to access to their own personal data, to correct their own personal data as needed and to limit the scope of data processing of their personal data under verification of accuracy. The contact for this Survey at our Group is of the Department in charge. It shall be precisely noted by you that, whenever you are not satisfied with our handling of your personal data, you are entitled to file a complaint to a supervisory authority of the member country of European Economic Area.

If and when you agree with the the foregoing stipulations with respect to use and transfer of your personal data, you are requested to drop your business card in the receiving box, here. You should be also noted that the holder of personal data shall be entitled to withdraw said agreement and that such withdrawal of agreement will not influence to the legality of data processing and/or data transfer performed prior to the withdrawal.

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