Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.

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Certified to ISO/IEC 17025

IMV TECHNO VIETNAM CO., LTD has been accredited by BOA and operating under quality control management systems in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025:2017 on 2nd March 2020 which specifies the testing capability.


  • Accreditation number: VILAS 1284
  • Certification Bodies: Bureau of Accreditation Vietnam
  • Accreditation date: 2nd March 2020
  • Accreditation scope:Vibration test (Sinusoidal), Vibration test (Broad band random), Shock test, Heat Environmantal test, Cold environmental, Change of temperature test, Damp heat (steady state) environmental test

IMV TECHNO VIETNAM CO., LTDは、試験所の試験を行う能力を規定した国際規格であるISO/IEC 17025:2017に準拠した品質マネジメントシステムを構築し、Bureau of Accreditation Vietnam から認定を受けました。

① 認定番号:VILAS 1284
② 認定機関:Bureau of Accreditation Vietnam (BOA)
③ 認定日 :2020年3月2日
④ 認定分野:振動試験(サイン波)、振動試験(広帯域ランダム波)、衝撃試験、高温試験、低温試験、温度変化試験、温湿度サイクル試験、高温高湿(定常)試験

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