Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.


Nichicon Kameoka Co., Ltd.

About company

Nichicon Kameoka Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells capacitors and circuit products,
which are essential electronic components for electronic equipment.
Especially for “digital home appliances”, “automobile / vehicle related equipment”,
“eco-related equipment”, “information communication equipment”
In the four fields, they are actively developing corporate strategies.


Challenges point

Generally speaking, when performing the vibration test, it is a noise problem that is often regarded as a problem.
“In the conventional testing machine, the noise during use was large, and it was quite uncomfortable without ear plugs,
They were suffering from noise problems when conducting the test on a daily basis.

Customer benefit

After using the eco-shaker, they were very surprised by the quietness of the blower under examination
and were extremely pleased that they contributed to the improvement of working environment.
It is not only low noise that raised their working efficiency.
The biggest point of the eco-shaker: It is possible to perform intuitive operation by automatic control of electric energy used and combination with IMV controller K 2.
Furthermore, the report creation function greatly reduced the burden on the operator who does the work as well as the power reduction effect.





It is a vibration controller that combines the latest technology and fulfilling functionality.
Easy setting and execution of complicated tests is also possible.

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