Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.


Medical device manufacturer

About company

Evolution of medical technology and medical equipment is indispensable for our life.
“We aim to improve customer satisfaction more than ever as a medical device manufacturer,
We are developing and testing products that place importance on the quality trusted by customers.
“As a motto Daiken Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. creates medical equipments with originality.

Customer challenge

The main test of this company is a transportation environmental test · product screw loose test.
Transport environment tests also carry out random tests on packaged cargoes according to JIS Z 0232 and
tests on medical equipment according to JIST 0601 standard.
The test is the normal transport environment test difference,
had been tested in after giving a load of temperature and humidity on the product to the limit.
We felt that the evolution of medical equipment is here.

Challenges point

Prior to purchasing the M series,They were using an external testing laboratory,
but depending on the availability of the testing machine,
it was an issue that the examination did not proceed smoothly.
And in order to solve it, they thought about purchasing a new vibration testing machine.
Their hope is “to be able to test with a wide range of frequencies” and “to be tested indoors” (they wanted to do real-time testing in the laboratory)
Testing machine capable excitation at a frequency range desired is a lot, but did not have a compact tester assuming be tested in laboratory.
At last they found the “M series” on the IMV’s web pages and thought “this is it!” .
At the meeting with the IMV salesperson, they realized that the ability and cost performance were better than done at the test site and bought it.

customer benefits

Currently, m06 / MA1 is used and testing is conducted in the laboratory.
We got an evaluation that “It dosen’t take space and the sound is quiet”.
We actually saw it, The testing machine was very familiar to the room just putting it on the rack.

M series developed in such a way that it can be easily tested without worrying about surroundings.
And it was a perfect device for Daiken Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
We hope that they will continue to help improve their quality and develop new products.


 Silent type appropriate for abnormal noise inspection

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