Since its establishment in 1957, IMV has been deeply involved in research and development in the field of dynamics, especially vibration engineering.

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Energy consumption as a key issue in our time: The electrodynamic vibration test system from IMV

energy consumption imv eco shaker

With the A series, IMV offers a vibration test system with even lower energy consumption. Thanks to the automatic energy-saving function, energy can be saving during operation in all areas of force. Thanks to its more efficient construction, less energy is used with increasing excitation force (kN).

These kind of developments are fully in line with IMV’s corporate philosophy, as the world market leader from Osaka has been contributing towards environmental protection for more than 60 years.  State-of-the-art technologies with the ECO factor guarantee a reduction in energy consumption, thus preserving resources. This is achieved through the intelligent control of fans, rotational speeds, and field supply, which can be regulated according to load. This means that IMV’s vibration systems only use as much energy as necessary, without running unnecessary systems.  The integrated Shaker Management (ISM) allows for permanent data exchange between all components, increasing the operational security of the system.

Up to 80% of the operating costs can be saved through the ECO Shaker with patented ISM. In addition, modern vibration test systems are quieter and more environmentally friendly than older systems.

Energy consumers in Germany: industry just behind the transport sector

In 2018, Germany’s industrial sector for example consumed around 2,600 petajoules. By comparison, industry in Germany consumed almost 30% of the country’s total energy consumption. The travel sector consumes more energy, at around 30%. (Source: Federal Environment Agency on the basis of the Working Group on Energy Balances) Although more and more of this energy is generated from sustainable energy sources such as solar or wind power, the industrial sector still represents a huge energy consumer in Germany.

Energy efficiency as a future factor

For many businesses and industrial companies, energy consumption is both a significant cost factor as well as a responsibility to the environment. To ensure long-term sustainability, companies must be at the cutting edge of technology and minimise their energy consumption. This is true for both production machines as well as for testing systems, heating, and ventilation in commercial buildings.

Industrial companies spend up to ten percent of their annual turnover on heat and electrical energy. It is therefore worth focusing on energy efficiency in all areas, and not merely as a response to continuously rising electricity prices.


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